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    We now have two offices: our brand new office located at 3024 David Drive in Metairie. We still have our Northshore office located at 1011 N. Causeway Boulevard, Suite 13 in Mandeville. Of course, as always, we will conduct closings at out of office locations throughout Louisiana.

  • Wire Fraud Schemes Protect Your Money

    Criminals begin the wire fraud process way before the attempted theft occurs. Most often, they begin with a common social engineering technique called phishing. This can take the form of email messages, website forms or phone calls to fraudulently obtain private information.

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Protect Your Money from Wire Fraud Schemes When Buying a Home
To help raise awareness about wire fraud, ALTA created a 2-minute video that provides four tips on how consumers can protect their money and offers advice on what to do if they have been targeted by a scam. ALTA members are encouraged to link to this video from their website, include in email or share on social media.

Examples of Fraudulent Emails
Check out a few examples of the types of email you may receive from criminals attempting to steal funds for a real estate transaction.

TIPS to avoid wire Fraud

  • Contact Us for Wiring instructions.
  • Don’t send wires until you have confirmed with us, We will not change the wiring instructions.
  • If you get a suspicious email, call the Supreme Title office you are working with immediately.